Why Isen and Company?

Your CMO to Go

Isen & Co. is strategic marketing and public relations firm that includes a network of highly specialized associates. Led by a former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), our approach is to work as an on-call CMO in the development and execution of results-driven strategic communication programs.

What We Offer

Isen & Co. offers results. Most engagements begin with the development of a strategic plan focused on achieving pre-defined and measurable results.  We begin by helping companies pinpoint their messaging, then develop and implement highly leveraged strategies for media relations, marketing communications and investor relations. The result is marketing and brand continuity that pays back in expanded marketplace awareness and credibility.

How We Work

Cheryl Isen, an executive marketing and media strategist collaborates with you to define your project goals and objectives and to set measurable milestones. After outlining a strategy, if needed a high performance team is assembled to execute the plan. At Isen & Co., we build mutually sustaining, long-term partnerships that are rewarded with measurable results.

We focus on results, because results are the difference between marketing and strategic marketing.

It’s all about ROI

It isn’t worth doing if it doesn’t pay back. We will demonstrate how you can take the following steps:

  • Leverage your existing team and postpone new-hire related costs
  • Leverage your marketing dollars and lower implementation costs
  • Implement a strategic PR and marketing program to realize predefined and measurable results

Cheryl Isen is an amazing resource for emerging companies. She’s one of the best in town for building a strategic marketing plan. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her in many companies and I’ve always been impressed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
Nancy Truitt Pierce, CEO & Founder, Woods Creek Consulting