February 22, 2013

Is Your Social Media Strategy Broken?

Change is good. New ideas are great. Yet sometimes businesses get ahead of themselves to embrace something new, ultimately rendering them powerless. The explosion of businesses in social media is a great example.

 Social media has grabbed our attention for good reason. It holds great promise and some companies are leveraging it well. It can open the door to community building, expand company share of voice, create tighter connections to buyers, and teach companies what buyer’s value—all in real time.

 However, like anything new, sometimes companies jump in or follow the crowd before understanding the requirements and objectives. Not taking the time to craft a social media strategy is akin to an addict hunting down a quick fix—initial folly followed by a dark void.  If you’re wondering if your business is guilty, here are five common symptoms of becoming powerless over social media:

  1. The socially challenged: You’re lost in a social media space where your audience isn’t.
  2. The socially inept: You’re asking everyone to like you and follow you, but your strategy has failed to carve out a reason why.
  3. The socially complex: Although you’ve succeeded in building an audience (e.g. fans and likes), you’re deluging them with content they don’t value.
  4. The social-extremist: Although you’ve built a strategy for social media, unfortunately it’s misaligned with the channel. You’re approach is to sell-sell sell.
  5. The socialite: You believe your social strategy is solid because you’re on every social platform, but unfortunately, you lack the bandwidth to connect anywhere.

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