We make PR and marketing work for our own firm too. As a writer, speaker and columnist, Cheryl Isen has authored a regular feature called Executive Insights, for the Puget Sound Business Journal, and has also appeared on radio and at events. Here is a sampling of her work and ideas.
August 2013

Smart Marketing: Hook, Don’t “Sell”

Hook don’t sell-August 2013

June 2013

Is Your Marketing Approach too Smart?

Although smart, strategic thinking is valued in every business, sometimes an over emphasis on “being smart” can actually derail marketing. As an on-call chief marketing officer, I’ve seen it happen repeatedly. Here are four indicators that your marketing is at risk of slipping off course because your approach might be too smart for its own good.

Article: is your mktg too smart-June 2013

May 2013

Avoid the Trap of Ego-driven Marketing: Three Tips

Do you remember “Chatty Cathy” and “Engaging Edith” from that last business event you went to? With Edith you felt like you could talk all night, whereas every time Cathy circled around you were searching for an exit. Egocentric marketing is a lot like is a lot like dealing with Chatty Cathy. Whether its an ad, brochure, video or website, the common denominator is a one-side fire hose of information without a buyer point of view. The result is an instant turn off. Learn how to avoid this common affliction.

Trapped by Ego-driven marketing-May 2013

February 2013

A 12 Step Program for Social Media Afflictions

Puget Sound Business Journal

October 2012

Are You Muddling Your Marketing?

Puget Sound Business Journal

August 2012

What Great Magazine Editors Can Teach You about Websites

Graydon Carter, Rick Stengel & Jane Berentston are each award-winning editors (Vanity Fair, Time and Inc. Magazine, respectively). Although magazines and websites are different, I have to wonder, if a magazine can cause you to stop, look, read and buy, why do so many companies fail to look to them for marketing inspiration? Read more…

July 2012

Brand Repositioning: When Does Your Business Need It?

Puget Sound Business Journal

May 2012

Three Steps to Aligning Marketing Strategy and Execution

I see it all the time. Company marketing grinds to an inefficient halt for one simple reason–it starts with the last step first, execution. This happens when marketing is driven by a need, instead of a strategy. Read more…

February 2012

What Marketing Can Learn from Reporters

Puget Sound Business Journal (PDF)

November 2011

Naming your Business

Puget Sound Business Journal (PDF)