September 14, 2016

Newspaper/Magazine Revenues Decline: How this Impacts Your PR


news-644850_1280The pace of losses in the American newspaper and magazine publishing industries continue to accelerate. In Q1-2016:

  • Total US newspaper publishing revenues, including advertising and circulation, fell 4.4%
  • US magazine publisher’s total revenues fell 4.5%

These stats underline that nothing is growing for newspaper and magazine publishers, especially digital ad and circulation revenues—or at least not growing fast enough to offset the slide in analogue print ads and sales revenues.

What does this mean for PR?

Business revenue declines equate to cut backs. This leads to less resources and overburdened editorial staffs with less time to research and write the quality stories publications need to increase readership and ad revenue.

American’s newspapers and magazines need an influx of two things right now to counter-balance these issues:

  • Well-thought out story ideas from PR professionals and
  • Objective, well-balanced contributed content

If you’re not taking advantage of this ripe environment to expand brand awareness through a strategic, high quality public relations efforts, it’s likely you’re just making it easier for smart competitors to reap the benefits. Let’s talk, if you want to learn more.