On-call Chief Marketing Officer: Clear strategic impact

Access to an experienced marketing executive can be critical. One reason is that simply knowing what needs to be considered on the front end of marketing decisions often saves a substantial amount of market confusion and money on the back end.
A client recently said, “We’re creating a Web site, but we already have a vendor and a team of talent from the company.” It wasn’t clear how an on-call marketing executive might contribute strategically to the project. However, during a short assessment session, we discovered that the Web site would be the first of many marketing efforts, which was to include brochures, direct mail, etc.

Strategic impact #1:

Without a strategic branding direction established on the project front end, the Web site look and feel would drive the company branding, which might result in later design changes. Did the client really want the Web site to drive its branding? Of course not; so branding direction and design were established for all projects, saving the costs of future design changes and creating an integrated Web presence.

Strategic impact #2:

Through tight collaboration on determining company positioning and messages, content presentation for the Web site and all print media was outlined before copy was ever written. Communication objectives for each piece were considered to determine need and message. The result was a plan for a complementary mix of marketing materials and a dynamic home page that would work with future marketing.

Without strategic marketing consultation, many of these opportunities would have been lost, prospects might have been inundated with redundancy, and later changes might have been necessary leading to, at minimum, more expense and, at worst, market confusion.