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Cheryl Isen founded in 2001 after nearly 20 years of bringing high-growth companies to market. Serving as an organization’s on call CMO, Cheryl taps her network of talented associates to supplement a company’s marketing. Through strategic planning and innovative positioning, Cheryl helps make the smart marketing/PR trade-off decisions needed to gain traction and achieve a bottom-line, measurable difference. Isen & Company offers a unique business model. Using a virtual firm team approach, Cheryl and her associates can ramp up or down as client needs dictate. This approach ensures a cost-effective, results-driven partnership without the unnecessary, budget-consuming extras.

Before founding Isen and Company, Cheryl served as Vice President of Marketing for VitalCom, based in Irvine, CA, where she helped to orchestrate a marketing turnaround prior to the company’s acquisition by GE Health Systems. Earlier, as the head of Corporate Communications for Seattle-based PHAMIS Inc., Cheryl helped introduced the concept of personalized electronic medical records to the healthcare industry, and supported the company’s IPO and eventual merger with IDX Systems (now GE). Cheryl also held marketing management positions at TRW, Inc., The Interface Group, and VLSI Technology and has a B.A. in Journalism and Marketing from San Diego State University.

“I have interviewed thousands of individuals for my newspaper and radio shows over the last two decades. There are just a few who are as prepared and as thoughtful as Cheryl Isen. She has the rare ability to decipher complex issues and make them compelling and relevant. This is the primary function of any great public relations person.”
Paul Casey, President, Casey Communications Inc. and Host Small Business Innovators

Why Isen & Company?

Experience, not just talk: No bait-switches—agency principals will not delegate your critical projects to junior players that learn on your dime.

An-call CMO pays dividends: Simply said, we understand the fundamentals of marketing and PR, and know how to leverage both to support the bottom line. We help pull the whole picture together.

We fill the gap: Leveraging your existing team is important to us. We understand that you need the best talent you can get, but not on a full time basis. We help you achieve objectives and defer the costs of hiring.

Strategic and fast: We take the time to learn your business and this translates into significant savings and long-term value.

We practice what we preach: We make PR and marketing work for our own firm too. As a writer, speaker and columnist, Cheryl Isen has authored a regular feature called Executive Insights, for the Puget Sound Business Journal, and has also appeared on radio and at events.

How We Work

An executive strategist partners with you to define your project goals and objectives and to set project milestones. After outlining a strategy, a high-performance team is assembled if needed to execute the plan. The end result is marketing and brand continuity that pays back in expanded marketplace awareness and credibility.