The PHAMIS story: Creating an industry issue

Goal: Make PHAMIS famous.

PHAMIS, a little-known medical software company, was solving an emerging healthcare industry problem—creation of an electronic medical record (EMR). The company’s strategy was innovative: it had decided to use a patient-centered approach.


Build market recognition through a public relations strategy emphasizing why a patient-focused EMR was the optimal approach.


White papers and interviews explained the PHAMIS difference to reporters. In time, understanding emerged in the form of articles, initially in industry newsletters, that began to question other approaches. Following successful product installations, trade publications picked up the story. “Marquee” clients were leveraged, and client-focused press coverage grew. Article reprints were direct mailed heavily throughout the vertical market. Within two years of launching the strategy, the trade media declared that a patient-centered approach was the winning way to create an EMR. PHAMIS emerged as the industry darling—an innovator. Company executives were called upon to speak. The crescendo peaked just prior to the company’s successful IPO.