February 13, 2015 workplace images

Surefire Tips to Influence how the CFO Thinks about your Marketing Budget

By now your marketing plan is in full swing. According to Gartner more than half of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) surveyed expected to increase their 2015 marketing spending by 10.4 percent over 2014. Hopefully you were lucky enough to get your CFO to approve the increases you requested.  But in case you didn’t, I’ve got some great tips from a fantastic CFO who shared insights about how CFO’s think about marketing budgets.

For example:

  • Are you adjusting discussions for how CFOs think? Hint—facts and metrics matter most, but there is a way to accommodate “fuzzy numbers”.
  • Are you aware of the impression you’re leaving? Hint—passionate, detailed answers to questions can be a game changer.
  • Are you explaining the impact your strategies will have? Hint—telling “impact stories” helps a CFO to sell your budget to the Board.

Read more to learn how to influence your CFO and learn what you can do now to ensure you get the marketing budget you need next year.