August 15, 2014

Planning for the “unplanned” media disaster

Like many others, you might have to work hard to get any publicity for your business. This may make you wonder: What are the odds that your business could experience a media crisis?

Actually, the odds are quite high.

Consider this. According to CeBit Social Business Trends (2014), there are 1.06 billion Facebook users and 200 million active Twitter users. YouTube reaches more 18- to 24-year-olds than any cable channel. WordPress blogs have 25 billion page views per month, and 74 percent of consumers rely on social networks to influence purchases, with 81 percent influenced by their friends’ posts.

Clearly, the media landscape has changed. Consumers have a voice that can affect any business. It is crucial to be prepared for a media crisis threat. Learn how to be ready:

August 15, 2014

7-Rapid Fire Positioning Tips

Every company should be able to articulate their positioning in 1-minute or less. Unfortunately, very few can. Even worse is when company’s ramble on without piquing anyone’s interest. When I recently judged a dozen 1-minute pitches at an investment forum, it became crystal-clear what works—and what doesn’t. Even if you think you’ve got your company positioning fine-tuned to perfection, give these 7-tips a quick read to test your positioning to see if you’re missing anything. If not, congratulations! If so, integrate these ideas to ensure that your story is working. Read the article: fruits-in-vase-1444656-1-m